Fifteen mothers from a society in Al Hussein refugee camp were offered a WONDERFUL break from their routine, thanks to a generous invitation from the Dead Sea Spa Hotel.

Most of these ladies are widows who are raising their children alone in tight financial situations, and a number of them had never had the chance to see the Dead Sea before. What a treat it was to visit the lowest point on earth and to be greeted by the hotel’s GM, to meet the chefs and to get interesting input from the head of housekeeping.

After a mouth-watering cooking presentation, there was a buffet lunch, followed by a walk to the beach and take-home gifts.

Thank you, Dead Sea Spa Hotel. Your hospitality touched deep into the hearts of these deserving and hard-working mothers.

Sponsored by: Dead Sea Spa Hotel

Society in Al Hussein Camp: جمعية الفتى اليتيم الخيرية – مخيم الحسين

Dead Sea Spa Hotel recently hosted a group of ladies of an orphan society from the Al Hussein refugee camp.
The ladies were able to experience a cooking demonstration with the Executive Chef and his team, followed by lunch. Afterwards they were given a tour of the hotel with some insights into Hotel Housekeeping by the Executive Housekeeper.
At the end the ladies were able to spend and enjoy some time at the Dead Sea, some of them for the first time in their life, before receiving a farewell from the hotel’s General Manager.
The visit was organized in cooperation with STEPS which is a Jordanian not-for-profit charitable organization which offers practical aid to many sectors of society.

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