This month thanks to a sponsorship from the Bank of Jordan, STEPS had the chance to distribute 1,000 school bags, along with stationery packs, to children in 10 different locations: 

– Jerash / The Rural Pioneers Association – جمعية الرائدات الريفيات الخيرية

– Anjara / Anjarah Charity Association – جمعية عنجرة الخيرية

– Deir Ala’ / Holy Rock Association Charity – جمعية الصخرة المشرفة الخيرية / ديرعلا

– Eira and Irqa near Salt / Al Beira Association – جمعية البيرة الخيرية / مجمع بيت عيرا ويرقا

– Baqa’a Camp / Yarmouk Club – نادي يرموك البقعة

– Baqa’a Camp / Friends of Children Association – جمعية أصدقاء الاطفال

– Ruseifeh / Jordanian Healing & Health Bank – بنك الشفاء والصحة الأردني

– Marka Camp / Smile of Hope Team – فريق بسمة أمل

– Al Hussein Camp / Orphan Child Welfare Charity Association / جمعية الفتى اليتيم الخيرية مخيم الحسين

– Hashmi Janoobi / Springs of Kindness Charitable Association – جمعية ينابيع الحنان الخيرية

School equipment and accessories provide much needed support to families. They also help children to look forward to the start of their new school year and can increase their motivation in learning.

Thank you to our sponsor and to all those who helped coordinate or participated in these distributions.

Funded by: Bank of Jordan

Categories: Family Assistance