A lovely group of 17 children from Baqa’a refugee camp was invited to a special FUNDAY at the Arabesque Center for Ceramics and Mosaics in Sweileh. They learned a lot from the interesting introduction by Mr. Raed Badri and admired the artisans’ remarkable skills with pottery and colors.

Then it was their turn to have some creative time, filled with many smiles and more learning. Snacks were shared and gifts distributed before the time came for the group to return home.

Many thanks go to the Arabesque Center for the valuable educational experience they offered the children. Thank you also to Sana’ Abdel Dayem and the Yarmouk Voice group for arranging the participants, as well as the STEPS volunteers who helped make it possible.

With support from: Arabesque Ceramics & Mosaics, صوت يرموك البقعة

Orphan Society in Baqa’a Camp: لجنة الفتيات و الفتيان الأيتام نادي يرموك البقعة

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