Al Fawanees 2011

During the holy month of Ramadan 2011 Al-Fawanees hosted 20 events all around the country for more than 2,000 underprivileged children, enabling them to enjoy an iftar meal, games and face painting, watch an original stage drama, and to receive a gift of their own choice.

Ahead of Ramadan volunteers had met with each participating child to ask them which gift they would like to receive and, in most cases, Al-Fawanees was able to bring each child the toy they hoped for.

Events were held in all 12 governorates around the Kingdom. Listed from North to South the events took place in: Irbid, Al Husn Camp, Wahadneh, Mafraq, Souf Camp, Sukhneh, Dlayl, Baqa’a Camp, Madaba, Karak, Grandal (Tafilah), Marayghrah (Ma’an), Al Humaimah (Aqaba), as well as in and near Amman at: Al Hussein Camp, Khraibat Al Souq, Jabal Al Natheef and Amman Academy where children attended from Hashemi Shamali, Jabal Manara and Hay Nazzal.

The ‘Magic Pomegranate’ theatrical show is an original 35-minute colorful action-filled drama all about the joy of giving, a fitting theme for this special time of year. It features live juggling, magic and kung-fu. No wonder audiences were captivated!

Over 2,200 toys were distributed. Some of the favorites being: scooters, remote control toy cars, skateboards, Barbie and Baby Habibi dolls.

THANK YOU to our partners: Ram Pharma, Sunny 105.1 radio station and Coca Cola.

THANK YOU to our sponsors: Nissan, Amiral Maritime Services (APL), Sakkijha Jewelers, DHL, Unilever and Ad-Dustour newspaper.

THANK YOU also for their additional assistance to: PWC, Le Royal Hotel, National Alamo Car Rental and WFP (World Food Program), as well as the amazing team of tireless, talented and enthusiastic Al Fawanees volunteers.

Your generous giving enabled us to cover thousands of kilometers to bring more than 2,000 Jordanian children lots of fun and happiness during this holy month.