Basic House Repairs

Thanks to a donation from a local businessman STEPS provided home improvements to rooms where a family lives with 4 small children at the edge of Baqa’a refugee camp. The bedroom had been damaged by an electrical fire and the father’s hands had been burned, which meant he was no longer able to work.

The improvements included: roof rafters and zinco covering for one room, a metal door for the bathroom, a metal door for the main entrance, as well as other upgrades. Another donor provided some financial help and a new washing machine. The family also received a box of basic food items, as well as some clothes and toys.

Inside Baqa’a Camp two ladies were living alone in a house which did not close so they never felt safe. They could not afford the JD5 needed to get a new door handle and lock. Here’s a photo of their bedroom door held shut with a ribbon (left) and of the newly secured front door (right), thanks to a kind donor who covered the cost.