Emergency Help for Syrian Refugees

Three Syrian families arrived in Sakeb (near Jerash) and are in need of everything. There are 11 young children (below 12 years). The place where they stay has no heating. Thank you to Faza’t Watan and For A Better Life for the blankets and clothes donated. We added some food and toys we had, too. However due to the snowstorm we had no way of getting these supplies to them. Our friend Mr. Ahmed called from Sakeb saying he was driving to Amman to collect the goods. We mentioned the cold and the severe weather conditions, but his only reply was, “The families have nothing. They need everything. I’m coming.”

Mr. Ahmed reached us at 3.30 pm, loaded up and left promptly. The vehicle skidded in front of our center, but he made it safely to Sweileh. There an accident had blocked the road, so he was stuck for a couple of hours. When we phoned and asked if he was cold, he said, “The children of the Syrian families are cold. We’re fine.” Finally he could drive on, very slowly, and when we spoke at 7.30 pm he had just reached Jerash. Only a short way to go to Sakeb. But the next day we learned that the last ½ km of road had been too snowy to make it, and Mr. Ahmed had only reached his home that night at 11.30 pm!

When we spoke the next day he said victoriously, “The distribution is done!!” There was no word of complaint about the difficulties along the way, only words of thanks that the families had received help. Since then, we certainly consider Mr. Ahmed of Sakeb an unsung hero!