Family Assistance – July & August 2012

The following distributions took place during July-August:

– 32,000 Family Kitchen meals – SEE SEPARATE POST!

– 2 tons of Italian melons

– 20 food packages

– 4,500 items of clothing

– 550 toys for Ramadan and Eid

– school equipment reaching 180 children

Other news:

Ÿ[] In teamwork with the Basmitna initiative, 180 workers of Greater Amman Municipality and their families enjoyed an iftar meal together. STEPS supplied kebab, quftah, kubeh and houmous to complement the menu.

Ÿ[] Al Furat Meat Co donated 200 chickens that STEPS distributed to the Collateral Repair charity in Hashemi Shamali to feed 55 refugee families and also provide an iftar meal for single men.

Ÿ[] Food, household items and toys were sent to families of disabled children in Bal’ama (Zarqa) and Sakeb (Jerash) just in time for Eid.

Ÿ[] Children in Jabal Nadheef, Hashemi Shamali and Mahatta Camp received gifts of toys and school bags for Eid.

THANK YOU to Mudhieb Haddad & Sons Co (Mr Chips), Manaseer Group, Zeidan Co, Al Baraka Farms, and other generous donors and kind volunteers.