Family Assistance – March 2012

Many more distributions took place this month to help needy families. We thank all the kind donors and enthusiastic volunteers who played a part in making it possible.

The following items were distributed in Umm Rassas, Jabal Manara, villages around Madaba, Dlayl (Zarqa), Mubes (Al Balqa) and Mesherfeh (Mafraq):

  • 3,400 meals, collected from 5-star hotel excess food
  • 92 food packages
  • 2,000 items of clothing, including warm clothing for winter
  • 60 alphabet boards, modeling clay, and various school equipment

On the occasion of Mother’s Day (March 21st), gifts of flowers, clothes and biscuits were given to a charitable society to distribute to 25 older ladies in Hashemi Shamali.