More ‘Sahati Basmati’ Health Programs

This month a group of children from Baqa’a Camp and another group from Marka Camp were invited to join Sahati Basmati (‘My Health, My Smile’) programs. The outings included a dental test, basic eye checks, fun time at the amusement park, and a snack lunch. Even discovering how to use an escalator becomes an adventure if it is your first time in a mall! If dental or eye problems are detected, they are reported to the children’s overseers for follow up.

Children also receive a toothbrush, toothpaste and instructions on basic oral hygiene. How many times should we brush our teeth every day? – Three times, shows the friendly dentist!

Many thanks to the volunteers who prepare sandwiches and accompany the children on these trips, as well as to Gardens Dental Implant Center, M. Haddad & Sons Co (Colgate), Alpha Optical and Dream Park amusement center for their regular support.