Motivational Seminar for Sponsored Students

Tamkeen (‘Empowerment’) is a fund set up by a local businessman to support high-achieving students who lack the resources to cover university costs.

On top of handling the selection of beneficiaries and following up on the financial support and academic progress of the students, STEPS also organizes regular meetings of motivation and training. This seminar was on the theme of Overcoming Obstacles, turning problems into stepping stones which can build character and make it easier to cope with life’s challenges.

A 4th year medical student, Ra’fat, demonstrated the CPR technique and how to aid a choking victim.

Khaleel, a fresh graduate of pharmacy and now working as a medical representative, gave important tips on the correct way to buy medicine.

We congratulated the most recent graduates: Eyad, Reema, Khaleel, Qais, Mustafa, Fidaa and Lamyia, who each received a mobile phone. Other students received laptops to facilitate their studies.

Special thanks to Zain for donating the phones and laptops and to Abu Ghazaleh Knowledge Society for offering free membership for Tamkeen students to use their center. Thank you also to Jawad Bakery for helping us celebrate with snacks and an impressive cake.