New Books, FUNDAY and Science in Salt

The 2018 Grant from Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation for the ‘Yalla Niqra’ (‘Let’s Read’) initiative, not only empowered STEPS to establish seven new libraries in seven governorates (as described in previous posts), but also provided over 120 great additional books for seven libraries we had established previously.

Today’s visit was to Al-Bira Charitable Society in Eira & Irqa, near Salt, in the Balqa governorate where we had established a library in September 2015.

To mark the distribution and involve the children, STEPS organized a FUNDAY which included simple science demonstrations based on some of the new donated books. These fun activities proved highly interactive and were greatly enjoyed, as were the other games, outdoor playtime and lunch.

Many thanks to volunteers Hedaia, Bailasan, Obada, Abed, Jude, Michael and Abdalrahman for making sure everything ran smoothly. And thank you to Canary Confectionery Factory for adding special treats to the gift packages.

Thank you to ABDUL HAMEED SHOMAN FOUNDATION as the main sponsor of ‘Yalla Niqra’