Ramadan 2017 – 10th Al Fawanees event

Thank you, IKEA Jordan store, for inviting 30 underprivileged children through STEPS to an unforgettable iftar meal! The event coincided with the World Refugee Day (celebrated each year on June 20) so children and overseers were selected from the nearby Talbieh Palestinian refugee camp, near Queen Alia International Airport. It was such a fun first-time experience for all to go through the food line with trays and carts and to be able to select the menu of their choice. After a great chocolate cake dessert every child also received a generous take-home gift from IKEA. Big thanks go to volunteers Tamara, Lana and her sister, Shatha and Rasha who organized creative games at the tables before meal time and accompanied the children throughout the event, as well as to Mike Raja for photo taking. Shatha and Rasha’s participation was coordinated with the German Jordanian University to complement the course they are currently doing in social work.