Saturday Trip, a New Initiative for Disadvantaged Children

A new initiative of STEPS has started and has been dubbed Saturday Trip. Five excursions were organized this month:

Three trips were made to Istiqlal Mall where children from Baqa’a Camp, Al Hussein Camp and Jabal Manara in turn learned bowling, enjoyed rides in the amusement park and had lunch. Basic eye tests were made at the optical shop in the mall in order to detect any problems which may require further care from an eye doctor. Early detection can make a big difference in a child’s academic performance.

Another group from Baqa’a Camp was invited to a picnic at the nearby Scandinavian Forest where they played sports, ate and did some drawings. The children also had the chance to meet the local ranger from the Ministry of Agriculture who explained the importance of protecting Jordan’s forests. They also received booklets from the Ministry of Agriculture about water conservation.

Yet another group from Baqa’a Camp visited the very interesting Children’s Museum, followed by outdoor games and lunch in Al Hussein Park.

The concept of Saturday Trip is to provide disadvantaged children with enjoyable, character building and often educational outings which introduce them to new things, teach them new skills and offer them opportunities they would not otherwise be able to afford.