School Accessories and Clothes

A total of 700 school bags have been assembled thanks to the help of volunteers who fill them with notebooks, pens, pencils and more.

Abdullah and Suhad from Madaba helped us to bring those school supplies and over 1,000 items of much needed clothing to villages such as Al Areej, Al Makromq, Ma’in, Al Taim. Other distributions were made in Arenbeh, Mansheyah and Grenata, as well as Madaba city.

On 12 October 2011 an article was published in Ad-Dustour newspaper reporting on the schoolbag distribution.

THANK YOU to Zain for providing more schoolbags, to Qamhieh Co for the great stationery items and to the many individuals who give us their good second-hand clothing, shoes and toys to assist families in need.