The books are being used!

The “Let’s Read!” books are being used.

Follow up visits to the “Let’s Read!” mini-libraries established by STEPS in different governorates show that not only are the books being used, but that children are both benefiting from them and enjoying them.

In Jabal Nuzha children are so interested in not missing a single title that their teachers posted the list of books on the wall so they can easily see which book they’d like to borrow next.

In Deir Alla the books empowered children to enter the Dubai-based international “Arab Reading Challenge” competition (تحدي القراءة العربي) launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

In Ghor Fifa a young boy rediscovered the joy of learning at the “Let’s Read!” activities led by STEPS volunteers. He told us that he had dropped out of school early but was now determined to return and finish his schooling.