‘Yalla Niqra’ Follow Up Visit – Anjara

Thanks to Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s 2018 Grant we established a library in Anjara (Ajloun governorate) last September. Today was a follow up visit to meet up with the same children who had attended the launch event… and we were in for a very pleasant surprise!

When looking at the sign-out book we saw that in less than 3 months books had been lent out 683 times! Most of the children had read many more than the two books we had assigned them to and had filled many more notebook pages with their reactions. It was great to hear them share some of their favorite reading moments. We were happy to distribute the promised prizes to these eager Reading Pioneers.

Before leaving, volunteers Luzan, Rasha, Sajeda, Ala and Hassan organized an arts-and-craft session of paper cutting and card making. We thank Canary Confectionery Factory for their contribution of their famous chocolate treats to the gift packages.

Thank you to ABDUL HAMEED SHOMAN FOUNDATION as the main sponsor of ‘Yalla Niqra’