The following items were distributed this month:

– 3,540 meals, collected from 5-star hotel excess food by Family Kitchen volunteers. From one wedding only, where the groom and bride had made a specific request for the hotel not to throw out any of the leftover food from the party, 140 poor people were able to benefit from this high quality food.

– 79 food packages. A food package (20 kg) contains basics such as rice, sugar, flour, tomato paste, tea, lentils, milk and more. If a family has a very young child, we are often able to add baby cereal and yoghurt.

– 2,200 items of clothing. Clothes were distributed in Wahdat, along with a toy and snack for the children.

– 75 school bags and accessories. Schoolbags were distributed in UNRWA schools in Jerash and Al Husn Camp this month. Each bag contains notebooks, pens, paper, eraser, scotch tape, ruler and a snack. Additional classroom equipment (alphabet/whiteboards, pencil sharpeners, white-out) was given to the teachers.

Categories: Family Assistance