One hundred young people and volunteers from various charitable societies in and around Amman had the chance to draw inspiration from Mostafa Salameh, the first Jordanian to conquer Mt. Everest.

The talk was livened by real footage of Mostafa in the Himalayas and was a tremendous lesson on forging ahead to reach your goals despite obstacles. We learned so much from his first-hand account! He even showed us some of the protective clothing and equipment he used on his expeditions.

Mostafa has climbed the tallest mountain of every continent and has reached the North Pole. He has our deep respect for his achievements against many odds, and our best wishes for his trip to the South Pole scheduled in November 2015.

The book about Mostafa Salameh’s life, Dreams of a Refugee: From the Middle East to Mount Everest, is endorsed by HM King Abdullah II of Jordan and British adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Sir Ranulph wrote:

Mostafa Salameh claims each of us has an Everest within us; this book persuades us
we can all achieve our goals if we have the courage to begin trying.

Motivational speaker: Mostafa Salameh

Thank you to GUVS (General Union of Voluntary Societies) for providing the venue.

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