This morning STEPS visited 10 families of Syrian refugees and distributed food bags worth about $20. Some of these families have lived here for a year or more and are paying monthly rent for sub-standard apartments full of humidity or safety hazards. Their income is limited to shopping coupons from the U.N. — where eligible — which were recently cut down to $14 per person PER MONTH, and they are not allowed to work!

It’s hard to imagine the struggles they face to feed their families from day to day on such a budget, while having no certainty about the future. There are so many other refugees here, too. Please help us to help them, if you can. Thank you to our donors: National Poultry, Jordan Poultry/Hammoudeh, Modern Flour Mills, Life Food Co/Tamari, Jordan Valley Foods, Canary Confectionery Factory and more.

Supported by: National Poultry Co, Jordan Poultry Co, Modern Flour Mills, Life Food Trading Co, Jordan Valley Foods, Canary Confectionery Factory, and individual donors

Categories: Family Assistance