Many thanks to the Humane Center for Animal Welfare (HCAW) for inviting a group of less privileged children for a visit. It was an AMAZING learning experience where everyone discovered new information about animals and their care and had the chance to bond with lovely friendly furry creatures.

The participants were 15 boys and girls, age 9-12 years, who came from I Have a Dream society in Wahdat Palestinian refugee camp.

Thank you to volunteers Hedaia and Ghassan for coordinating the event and taking photos.

HCAW is making a definite difference in the care of animals in Jordan. You can visit them at the King of Bahrain’s Forest on Airport Road, Amman.

Teach children to be kind to animals. They will grow up being kind to people also.

(Author Unknown)

Supported by: Humane Center for Animal Welfare

Society in Wahdat camp: جمعية عندي حلم للمبادرات ألإنسانية

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