What a great Ramadan evening we spent with 100 boys and girls from Jerash!

Thank you to our sponsors and helpers: Amiral Maritime Services/APL, Asriyya Schools, author Taghreed Najjar of Salwa Books, Jordanian Society for Human Development (Jerash), and the great STEPS volunteers who each played a big part in making the event a success.

There were outdoor games on the green field, story time in the theater, food, music, personal attention, gifts and more.

Al Fawanees offers orphans and disadvantaged children special Ramadan events with an iftar meal, fun activities and gifts of lasting value.

Sponsored by: Amiral Maritime Services

With support from: Asriyya Schools, Salwa Books

Society in Jerash: الجمعية الاردنية للتنمية البشرية

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