Students from the German Jordanian University approached STEPS to help them organize a Kite Day for underprivileged children. The fun event took place in Baqa’a refugee camp with 12 lovely children and with the great assistance of ‘Friends of Children’ society.

  • Step One was an ice breaker to get to know each other and for the children to reflect on what they would like to express when decorating their kites.
  • Step Two was drawing on large blank kites with bright colorful markers. This was followed by a healthy snack.
  • Step Three then took us to a nearby hillside outside the camp to let the kites soar into the sky. The wind was not quite as strong and steady as we would have wished, but those who persevered managed to raise their kites up and away for a while.

It was touching and inspiring to watch the children’s heartfelt messages fly high above their overcrowded camp, reminding them that it’s possible for their voices to be heard.

Each child then proudly took his/her personalized creation home to fly them again on other windy days…

With support from: German Jordanian University

Society in Baqa’a Camp: جمعية اصدقاء الاطفال الثقافية / مركز البقعة

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