Thank you to our sponsor, Bank of Jordan. This evening’s event was amazing! The location was kindly provided by Asriyya Schools in Khilda.

One hundred children, both Syrian and Jordanian, came from Basha’ir Al Khair society in Sweileh.

We started on the green field with games of football, races, hula hoop, tug-of-war, parachute, ring toss and more. Iftar and ice cream were served in the open-roof court yard. Then Hikayat SimSim performed their interactive show about friendship in the theater. Before leaving every child received gifts from STEPS and from Bank of Jordan which are sure to provide them with many more hours of captivating fun.

Thank you to all hard-working volunteers, school staff, drivers, caterers, society staff and everyone else who pitched in to make this time truly special and enjoyable. Well done, team!

Sponsored by: Bank of Jordan

With support from: Asriyya Schools

Society in Sweileh: جمعية بشائر الخير لإغاثة السوريين

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