The sponsor of this Al Fawanees event prefers to remain anonymous, yet deserves all the credit for making this very special evening possible for 50 boys and 50 girls from Nadi Yarmouk in Baqa’a refugee camp.

Activities included sports and games on the green field, a catered iftar meal of rice and chicken with ice cream, music in the theater and gifts for all.

Thank you to Asriyya Schools for providing the venue and transportation.

Thank you also to all volunteers and staff who were always there to ensure safety and smooth organization, as well as to those who donated their time to document the event with great photos.

STEPS couldn’t do it without everyone’s participation! Thank you.

Funded by: individual donor

With support from: Asriyya Schools

Society in Baqa’a Camp: نادي يرموك البقعة

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