Today’s FUNDAY was a visit to Firefly Burger in Jubeiha where children who came from a society in Marka had the chance to join the staff in preparing their lunch, thus learning the basics of how to prepare delicious burgers.

This was followed by fun games of Mikado (pick-up sticks), tiddlywinks (a game of flicking buttons into a bowl) and a craft to create ‘talking puppets’ out of clothespins.

Many thanks to Firefly Burger for their generous invitation.

Thank you also to the Basmat Amal team in Marka Camp who brought the children, as well as to STEPS enthusiastic volunteers Michael, Hedaia, Yaser and Rou’a for their great participation.

FUNDAY events aim to provide less fortunate children with opportunities to enjoy creative playtime while also learning practical skills.

Funded by: Firefly Burger

Society in Marka: فريق بسمة امل التطوعي

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