This FUNDAY was organized for a group of Syrian refugee children and included a great visit to the Arabesque Ceramics and Mosaics workshop in Sweileh, followed by lunch and games.

Thank you to Raed Badri and all the team at the Arabesque workshop, as well as to Tabbouleh Restaurant for your tremendous support.

Volunteers Hedaia, Michael, Mohammed, Obada, Renad and Abdelrahman did a great job of interacting with the children.

After the new creations had been fired in the kiln at Arabesque, we met again another day for fun playtime in the park and distributed the ceramic pieces to the happy artists.

With support from: Arabesque Ceramics & Mosaics, Tabbouleh Restaurant

Society helping Syrian refugees: جمعية بشائر الخير لإغاثة السوريين

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