STEPS invited boys and girls from Jabal Amir Faisal to a fun and educational outing at the Traffic Garden in Tlaa Al Ali (Amman).

First the children gathered to learn about street signs, traffic rules and road safety. Then they had a chance to drive a motorized bike in the park. This was followed by games, lunch and a lot of outdoor fun.

Many thanks to the donors who made it possible and to Ka’kosheh Restaurant for their support. 

The STEPS team was made up of volunteers Hedaia, Michael, Renad, Obada, Abdelrahman, Mohammed, Hamdi, Marsail and Ming. Thank you, everyone, for a job well done!

With support from: Greater Amman Municipality

Society in Jabal Amir Faisal: فريق بسمة أمل التطوعي

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