In cooperation with the TV program Roya Al Amal and sponsorship from Mr. Mazen Al Sharif, STEPS implemented a project of family assistance and woman empowerment in the North of Jordan.

Shown in season 3/episode 5 of Roya Al Amal, it aired on 16.03.2018 and can be found here:

Located in Ain Al Bustan near Ajloun, Um Karam is a resourceful mother-of-two whose husband Mohammed developed health issues which prevent him from working. Over the years she tried numerous ways to bring in income to support their family. After several failed attempts she started producing home-made dairy products which soon became favorites in her neighborhood. But in spite of having the talents and the will the work, she knew that her home-based production needed to expand if it was to become profitable. But funds were not available to get the needed tools.

So she approached the producers of Roya Al Amal at Roya TV and after meeting her they agreed to take on her case. With the financial support of Mr. Mazen Al Sharif of Amiral Maritime Services and the involvement of STEPS volunteers, the project was soon on the way.

After an initial visit on New Year’s Day 2018 STEPS volunteers met to discuss the best ways to provide the needed assistance. It was decided to renovate and better equip the room used for dairy production. Walls were painted, plastic buckets were replaced by stainless steel containers and machines were purchased for the heating, churning and cooling processes. Then 5 goats were selected and purchased, along with their newborn kids, to provide a regular source of fresh milk. STEPS volunteers were there to help put everything into place.

Two months later Um Karam and her husband explained on Roya Al Amal how much the project had benefitted them, not only in increasing their financial capabilities, but also in providing them a much needed boost in morale and self-confidence. To ensure the care of the goats and take advantage of the increased production capacity, they now work every day from 5 a.m. to produce enough yoghurt and cheese to fill the growing demands.

In closing Um Karam had this message, “I know that there are many other women like me and I tell all of them that there is NOTHING a woman cannot achieve. Women are able to do anything. And no, working is not a taboo for women.”