Thanks to another invitation from Bank of Jordan and with support from other kind donors we took 30 lovely children from Sweileh and Abu Nusair for a fun educational visit to The Children’s Museum Jordan.

The children were keen to learn all they could from the interesting exhibits. They were also eagerly trying to figure out the correct answers to help their team answer the written quiz questions and get the winning prize. A large team of volunteers did a great job to direct and oversee them.

The fun continued after leaving the museum with more time spent together in the beautiful King Hussein Park with snacks, games and gifts.

Thank you to all those who made this FUNDAY possible for children who don’t often get to enjoy such special treats.

Funded by: Bank of Jordan, individual donors

With support from: Shepherd Hotel

Society in Abu Nusair: جمعية الأسماء الحسنى الخيرية

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