Thank you to Rafi and friends who came all the way from England to Jordan and who cooperated with STEPS to present a greatly appreciated program. A group of children gathered at the Jordanian Healing and Health Bank in Ruseifeh to meet with Rafi, his author (Pauline Spearpoint) and the team, and took part in a well prepared activity where they could imagine and plan a better future for all.

Created in 2015, Rafi the Refugee Rabbit is a book with a simple story of hope to encourage understanding, kindness and peace. The book, together with the art-based workshop, is designed to connect refugee children with other children throughout the world through their hopes and dreams.

Thank you to all who made this successful event possible.

With support from: Rafi the Refugee Rabbit

Society in Ruseifeh: بنك الشفاء والصحة الأردني

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