Teddy Bear Clinic

A group of 10 children from the ‘I Have a Dream’ Society in Wahdat refugee camp were invited to spend an exciting couple of hours discovering what doctors do during a patient’s visit to a hospital. Each child was given a teddy bear who became their ‘patient’.

The 8-10 year old boys and girls visited the various stations which had been labeled as ‘waiting room’, ‘triage’, ‘registration’, ‘treatment’, ‘X-rays’, ‘pharmacy’, ‘lab’, and more. Each child recorded all his teddy bears’ vital signs in a colorful ‘passport’. The event also included a healthy lunch and take-home gifts.

STEPS would like to thank the various departments of Istishari Hospital for their great cooperation. Special credit goes to Dr. Hana’ Damra (pediatrician) for her creativity in preparing this tremendously fun and educational program.