An activity was organized to mark the World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) in Smakiyah (Karak) at the Maktabati library. Thirty children from grade 5 and grade 7 attended.

First each child selected a book from the shelves of the library and read a couple of pages out loud to the other children. He/she then asked the other children a question based on the text that was read and teams gained points for answering correctly.

Once everyone had their turn it was time for a quiz based on the Huda Al Nashef’s interesting book titled I Am an Arab and This is My Country.

The goal of this activity is to make books enjoyable, promote the joy of reading and encourage regular visits to the library.

Volunteers Carolin and Luzan did a great job and enjoyed discovering the famous castle of Karak before driving back to Amman.

Further information on the benefits of reading aloud: World Read Aloud Day (WRAD)

Location: مدارس البطريركية اللاتينية في السماكية الكرك

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