Rajef, a lovely village close to Petra, was the location of our first event for World Read Aloud Day 2015. Thirty boys and girls from 8 – 12 years old participated. Each one read aloud a section of a book of their choice, then asked the other children a question about what they read. Points were recorded as the teams of Scholars and Geniuses competed against each other. No matter who the winners were, everyone learned new things and, above all, discovered how much fun books can be.

Thank you to our sponsor, Al Ameed Coffee, for covering all costs and providing a nice gift for the children. Thank you also to BookLoop and volunteers Omar, Luzan, Umm Tareq, Jwan, Khadijah, Badeah and Awatef for giving of your time and talents to make this activity happen.

Further information on the benefits of reading aloud: World Read Aloud Day (WRAD)

Supported by: Al Ameed Coffee, BookLoop

Location: نــادي الراجــف الرياضــي

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