Children from Al Haya Iradah society for orphans in Jabal Taj participated in STEPS’ FUNDAY at Mukhtar Mall this week.

The event included fun bowling, games and food, followed by a basic eye test which was a first for almost all of them. The tests revealed that 4 of them will require further testing which stresses the importance of early detection of vision problems, considering how much they can affect learning in school.

Many thanks to Bowling City, Optikos Shami and Lebnani Snack for donating towards the event, as well as to Hedaia, Aysar and Omar for volunteering to make it an awesome experience for all.

With support from: Bowling City Mukhtar Mall, Optikos Shami, Lebnani Snack

Society in Jabal Taj: جمعية الحياة ارادة الخيرية

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