Thanks to a generous donor STEPS donated a library of 135 children’s books to Al Mousoum Center which was located in Baqa’a refugee camp and later moved to Sweileh.

The library was launched in December 2015 with a lively reading event for local children.

Our first follow up visit was in April 2016. The manager commented that they were very grateful for the nice selection of books available. The sign-out book had been used occasionally but she said that, in order to keep better check on the books, most of the reading is being done at the center itself.

The second follow up visit was in August 2016. We saw that the center is very active with various activities for Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi children. During our visit the manager gathered a group of 15-20 children and read aloud the story of Heidi, which led to a brief discussion about Switzerland. A number of children were interested to start taking books home as they saw titles that they were interested in reading.

Participating society: المـوســوم للتدريب

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