Thanks to a generous donor STEPS donated a library of over 130 children’s books to Al Huda Society in Jabal Nuzha.

The library was donated in late December 2015 and was launched in early January 2016 with a fun interactive reading event for a group of local children. The staff was very motivated to promote reading and had previously started a reading club by printing downloaded books from the internet as they had no funds to purchase books. So they were thrilled and very thankful for the attractive collection we brought them.

Our first follow up visit was in April 2016. We found five pages of the sign-out book full of entries, showing how eager the children have been to borrow the books. Lending hours are clearly posted, as well as a copy of all the book titles and as a result, a number of students have set themselves the goal to read every single one! We did not meet the children on this visit but could sense the teachers’ excitement.

The second follow up visit was in December 2016 and we saw that the center had reorganized the books by age groups. Every week one hour is set aside for book reading at the center itself. While they read a teacher goes from child to child and asks them about the book they chose and what they are learning from it. Older students have chosen to keep a notebook where they write summaries or jot down comments about their reading and enjoy it very much. We heard that if the book reading hour needs to be cancelled due to other activities students invariably complain about having to miss their reading time. Both teachers and students treasure the chance to enjoy the books and learn from them.

So our program of CREATING READERS IN JORDAN is working!

If you’re able, please help us find more donors to place more libraries all around Jordan.

Society in Jabal Nuzha: مركز الهدى القرآني

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