Continuing with follow up visits of the Yalla Niqra / ‘Let’s Read’ initiative sponsored by Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s 2018 grant , this time we went far South to the Amani society in Qreiqra, Wadi Araba, in the Aqaba governorate.

It was great to see how well the children had done with the assignments of reading books and recording reactions in their notebooks. After telling us about their favorite reading moments – a helpful experience in public speaking – they had lots of fun with the arts-and-craft session before happily receiving their well-deserved prizes. There were kites for the boys and ‘Frozen’ dolls for the girls. Well done, Amani society!

As always, our thanks go to our main sponsor, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, and to volunteers Luzan, Rasha, Sajeda and Ala. Thank you also to Canary Confectionery Factory for adding lovely chocolate treats to the prize packages.

Funded by: @ShomanFDN

Society in Aqaba: جميعة الاماني لرعاية الايتام وذوي الاعاقة الخيرية في قريقرة

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