The seventh and last – but NOT least! – follow up visit of the Yalla Niqra / ‘Let’s Read’ initiative took place in East Areenba near Madaba at the Ladies’ Cooperative Society. Yalla Niqra has been made possible thanks to its main sponsor, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s 2018 grant, whom we are very grateful to.

At least 30 children attended the event, most of whom had already read more than the two books required to fulfill their assignments. Not only did they share interesting reactions recorded in their notebooks, but a few of them had been inspired to write their own original stories. It was great to see the strong impact the library is having on that small village! The sign-out book revealed 48 entries of books borrowed in just 6 weeks.

The children really enjoyed the arts-and-craft session, which incidentally was held in a nearby Bedouin tent – yes, tents are sometimes built with metal frames. Afterward they received their well-deserved prizes for fulfilling the Reading Pioneers’ requirements: kites for the boys, dollies for the girls, and treats for all, kindly provided by Canary Confectionery Factory.

Thank you to volunteers Luzan, Rasha, Sajeda and Ala, and to board members Mazen and Sara for attending.

Funded by: @ShomanFDN

Society in Madaba: جمعية ارينبه الشرقية التعاونية للسيدات

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