Launch of ‘Yalla Niqra’ Library near Madaba

This month we opened a 6th ‘Yalla Niqra’ (‘Let’s Read’) library thanks to Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation as the main sponsor. Once again, many thanks for the great support!

This library is located at the Ladies’ Cooperative Society of East Areenba near Madaba and contains 160 carefully selected children’s books of both fiction and non-fiction. The event successfully imparted the joy of reading to over 30 boys and girls who attended the launch evet and whom we look forward to meeting again during our follow up visit in a few weeks.

Thank you to STEPS volunteers Luzan​, Rasha​, Sajeda and Aladdin for your positive influence on these eager young people.

Thank you also to Canary Confectionery Factory for regularly supplying yummy treats for our events.

Thank you to ABDUL HAMEED SHOMAN FOUNDATION as the main sponsor of ‘Yalla Niqra’


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